VI.9.2 Pompeii. Casa del Meleagro or House of Meleager

Room Plan

VI.9.2 Pompeii. Casa del Meleagro or House of Meleager
Room Plan Entrance fauces 1 Rooms 10 and 11 Rooms 12 and 13 Rooms 8 9 and 15 Room 29 Room 32 Room 24 Room 26 Room 27 Room 28 Rooms 17-23 Room 44 and entrance at VI.9.13 Room 14 Rooms 30 39-43 45 Rooms 30 37 38 Rooms 2-6 Room 7 Room 16 N Room 16 W Room 16 S Room 16 E Room 25 Room 46 Room 31 Rooms 33 34 35 36

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The room numbers are those referred to on the pompeiiinpictures pages for VI.9.2.

1:      Fauces

2:      Atrium

3:      Marble impluvium

4:      Marble table leg in form of a winged lion with table above

5:      Marble clad pediment

6:      Marble table leg in form of a winged lion with table above

7:      Two square marble recesses for cooling bottles

8:      Tablinum

9:      Niche / recess in tablinum 8

10:    Room in south-west corner of atrium

11:    Staircase in room 10

12:    Cubiculum

13:    Cubiculum

14:    Cubiculum

15:    Triclinium

16:    Peristyle east side

16:    Peristyle north side 

16:    Peristyle south side 

16:    Peristyle west side 

17:    Peristyle Garden

18:    Pool

19:    Fountain

20:    Small basin

21:    Small

22:    Puteal

23:    Dolium containing lime

24:    Corinthian Oecus

25:    Room to the south of Corinthian Oecus 24

26:    Room to the north of Corinthian Oecus 24

27:    Triclinium

28:    Room in north east corner of peristyle, and stairs to cellar outside it

29:    Summer triclinium

30:    Corridor

31:    Cubiculum with two alcoves

32:    Corridor leading east in north-east corner of atrium

33:    Room on south side of corridor 30

34:    Room with entrances from room 46 and room 33

35:    Narrow room on west side of room 34

36:    Room with entrances from room 34 and corridor 30

37:    Room with entrance in corridor 30

38:    Kitchen with lararium painting

39:    Stone staircase next to kitchen

40:    Small room behind stairs 39 in corridor 30

41:    Room to north of area 45 with entrance in corridor 30

42:    Room in north-east corner with entrance in corridor 30

43:    Room in north-east corner at blocked end of corridor 30

44:    Room accessible from VI.9.13

45:    Area between room 27 and corridor 30

46:    Steps and ramp leading to rooms 33 to 36


This plan is to help you accurately locate the rooms shown in the photographs of this house.

The plan also shows the entrance at VI.9.13 and room 44 which was linked by corridor 30 but the link is now blocked off.

To provide a link for your research the room numbers shown are those used in Overbeck - Mau.

See Overbeck J., 1884. Pompeji in seinen Gebäuden, Alterthümen und Kunstwerken. Leipzig: Engelmann, pp. 308ff.

Please be aware that the room numbers may differ from any other plans or records both published and unpublished.



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